• Step 4: Mini-farm
    Tue Jun 14 2011 6:55 am
Step 4: Mini-farm

The next step to making myself just a little bit more self-sufficient, I need to grow my own wheat for bread and sugar cane which I can use to make maps from paper or books. Maybe some nice bookshelves down the road. I also built a well to fill my buckets. This way I don't have to run down to the beach if I need water.

OMG.. I found that pumpkin and got excited. There was only one. Normally there are several together. :( I must have explored for over an hour looking for another pumpkin patch but had no luck. I only have the one. booo...

This is the first picture from behind my base. I know.. my base is plane right now. That’s okay. I can change it later.

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