• Step 7: Animal Farm and Nether Portal
    Tue Jul 5 2011 8:10 pm
I started out building a portal to the Nether. Normally I put my portals underground in a "portal room" (a room dedicated and designed specifically for the portal), but this time I have committed myself to building as much as possible on the surface. I wanted it to be in the open so you could see it outside from around my base.

As I began putting my portal together my animal farm just kind of end up surrounding it. It is just a matter of time before some poor cow ends up in the Nether.

Here is a front view of my current base. You can see the portal and animal farm in the back. I have already been mining glow stones in the Nether. I will show more about what I have been doing in the Nether next update.

In case you are wondering what an Animal Farm is: I just mean a safe, lit, green space where animals can spawn. It is important to be well lit so they can spawn day or night.

Here is a view at night of both levels. For some reason most of the animals end up at the bottom level with the water even though there is less grass. I suspect they fall down the small water fall.

Here is a side view for a better look at the two levels. That wasn't planned, but a by-product of the natural terrain and building the portal suspended in the air. I think it turned out quite nice. A little unconventional, but efficient. Keeping everything close together makes it easy to navigate around the base.

This whole time I am making small tweaks to other areas of my base. Soon I plan to make a video tour or make my world available for download if people are interested.
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