• Step 1: Basic Shelter
    Fri Jun 10 2011 7:19 am
Step 1: Basic Shelter

I spawned on a nice looking beach completely undeveloped. I have limited daylight before monsters come out at night so I got busy right away punching trees and gathering wood. When I had plenty of wood to make tools, charcoal, and a door (and I sheered some sheep while I was out to make a bed) I found a side of a hill to dig a small shelter into for the night. I almost always opt for digging into the side of a hill for my first shelter because it takes no resources and you can create a safe shelter in a few seconds which leaves more time for gathering wood.

In my first shelter I had a bed, inventory, furnace, and crafting table. I typically only use the bed for the first few nights because I eventually have enough lit up outside to provide a safe zone outside of my base that I don’t need to sleep away the night.

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