• Step 2: Tree Farm
    Fri Jun 10 2011 11:44 am
Step 2: Tree Farm

Wood is the most important early resource in Minecraft because you can make almost anything with it including charcoal for torches! I normally start my base off by making a safe place where I can go and farm wood. Then I replant the saplings and they grow back. Normally I do all this underground, but I am going to try to stay on the surface as much as possible this time around. It is not as safe, but it should be fun.

The first morning I wake up and look outside I see tons of zombies burning in the sunlight! Yites, glad I got my shelter made! Time to get busy. First thing I do is find some pigs for pork to replenish health and cows to make leather armor. Then I find a birch tree to cut down to collect saplings to make my tree farm.

Once I have a few saplings I start leveling off a palce near my base to make the tree farm. While waiting on my trees to grow I explore a few natural caves nearby and found a good amount of coal and some iron.

Finally I put a fence around my tree farm and make the only entrance though my base. I also put touches by each tree to keep bad things from spawning in there. Spiders can still get in, but I am not too worried about them. Later on when my base gets bigger I won’t have to worry about spiders that much anyway.

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