• Step 3: Home Improvement
    Fri Jun 10 2011 11:58 am
Step 3: Home Improvement

From fighting monsters, hunting animals, and gathering resources my inventory is already getting full. I also have more coal now and it is not uncommon to have up to 3 furnaces cooking at once. My one inventory and one furnace base it getting a little cramped. I am going to focus on expanding my base to include addition furnaces and organize different inventories for differing kinds of materials. Normally I dig down when I need more room, but this time around I decided I am going to build up and stay on the surface.

Its early in the game, I am trying to stay on the surface as much as possible, and I already have a nice safe tree farm therefore most of my building material is wood. I hope to add different materials soon. As you can see in the images it is not a very nice looking base. :(

Here is an the outside of my new base. I am not very pleased with it, but as time goes on I can alter it as I get better ideas and different kinds of materials.

This is the inside of the basement. It is mostly stone walls and wood everywhere else. If you take the stairs to the right it leads to my tree farm. If you take the stairs to the left it takes you to a side door on the hill. The iron door in the middle leads to a huge natural care system I got most of my iron, coal, and red dust from.

The upstairs is not furnished yet. It looks a little plain. I will be focusing on the upstairs more because I will be adding a farm outside that door real soon.

This is the view from from the upstairs balcony.

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