My latest project is a collection of .info websites I am making mostly about animals. I have quite a few so I thought I would showcase them here. Have a look around and as always feel free to leave comments.
Where do they live?
I have been working on another site called where do they live. This site has many different articles each on a different animal such as penguins, sharks, and monkeys. In each article I talk about the animal's habitat and geographic location. I also include some fun facts and interesting information where I can to make it a more interesting read! I hope you enjoy.
What Do Turtles eat?
My first turtles site is all about What do turtles eat. It talkes about what turtles eat in the wild and as pets. It event talkes about baby turtles and gets into many specific kinds of turtles.

Types of Turtles
The next site I made about turtles is about different types of turtles. There are hundreds of different kinds of turtles grouped into families. On this site I talk about all the major turtles families as well as a history of turtels.