v0.04 Under the Hood

Not a lot of noticeable changes have been made in this version which is unfortunate because a lot of work has gone into this release. The framework has been set to support Levels, Skills, Attributes, and Vitals. I am replacing my simple scripts from earlier versions with more robust systems.

Soon I hope soon to start learning 3D modeling because I know that is all people can relate to when looking at game progress. I also hope to improve the enemy AI, different types of enemies, and enemy spawners.

Step 5: It's a whole new world!

I added 3rd person controls, some prototype 3D models, and some solid color textures. Pretty boring, but better than white blocks.

This are not final graphics, just place holders while I concentrate on coding. I broke some things like the combat system and there are some snags in animations, but that will happen while I rewrite elements in the game.

v0.0.6: Who turned out the lights?

Partial change log
+ Nighttime setting
+ Added knock back
+ Click-to-select mobs
+ Improved 'tab' targeting
+ Can now see the spell cooldown on spell bar
+ Synced 'F' key press with 'Hit' button press
+ Added additional UI buttons

v0.0.7: Eww, now its all GUI!

Partial change log
+ Enemies now have rag doll physics when they die
+ Shows the selected enemy's heath bar
+ Added 2D textures for the spell bar and health/energy bars
+ Updated enemy AI a bit
+ Added Mob Spawners

v0.0.8: Playing with fire.

A few of the updates
+ Added ranged fireball attack
+ Life and energy now regenerate
+ More GUI updates (including Inventory and Loot window)
+ Alert/message notifications
+ Added a few self-illuminating shaders for effect
Dungeonville is an experiment with the Unity 3D game engine. I will be using C# as my integrated language and publishing to the web.

I will have to learn about game design in general, Unity 3D, and 3D modeling so the project could be a continues never ending, slow moving project. In fact the only thing I don’t have to learn on this project is C#.

However I will publish updates as I go to let people see my progress as I slowly make my way to a playable game. It should be neat and loads of fun!
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